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If you need access to free reproductive health services you can call: +40724772211

Reproductive health

In Romania, the pregnancy is monitored by the family doctor, together with the gynecologist and (rarely) the midwife. We want a pregnancy to be tracked from the first weeks, that is, from when you found out you are pregnant.

The first step when you have a positive pregnancy test is to schedule a medical appointment. This can be either at a family doctor or at a gynecologist from an obstetrics gynecology clinic or an obstetrics gynecology hospital.

I found out I'm pregnant. What do I need to do?

In Romania, a pregancy is tracked by the general practitioner (family doctor), along with a gynecologist and (rarely) a midwife.

We wish for a pregancy to be tracked starting from the first few weeks, meaning since you found out you were pregnant.

The first step when you have a positive pregancy test is to schedule a medical appointment. This can either be for a general practitioner or a gynecologist from an obstetrics and gynecology clinic or hospital.

Medical services provided to pregnant women in Romania

Medical services provided to pregnant women from Ukraine in Romania - starting from the first visit to the doctor: primary health care and supervision of a normal pregnancy. As well as supervision of other high-risk pregnancies.

Information on where to find professionals providing the services you need.

What is it like to give birth in Romania?

In Romania birth assistance services are free in public hospitals, regardless of your insurance status.

Some hospitals have Ukranian or Russian speaking doctors, it is likely you will be attended to by one of them during your pregnancy. Natural birth will be assisted by the doctor on call, or the midwife, in some hospitals. If you need to schedule a C-section (only in extraordinary cases) you will be able to give birth with the doctor who tracked your pregnancy, who will schedule you when they are on call.


Breast milk is a specific food of the human species.

If at first you have difficulty breastfeeding, or you want to get informed and ready for breastfeeding, the Support for refugee women program can help guide you toward the counselling and prenatal education services that you need, no matter where in Romania you live.

Newborn care

Your baby needs to spend a long time close to you, especially when they are very little, in the first 3 months. Besides contact and the proximity of another person, the newborn needs to eat (minimum 8 times/24 hours), to be changed when they get dirty and to sleep.

And, for the best health of the child, they need a healthy mother, who is attentive to her own needs as well. Analyse your feelings and needs and communicate o those around you that your own care is very important, because the needs of a new mother are complex and need all the possible attention.


In Romania, you can buy contraceptive pills, condoms, contraceptive rings and emergency contraceptives without a prescription from the pharmacy.

If you've used a product before, there's a high chance you will find it in Romania for purchase.

Some contraceptive solutions are covered through the Support for refugee women program.

Termination of pregnancy

In Romania, abortion on request is legal up until week 14 of the pregnancy. Until week 9 of the pregnancy, you can have an avortion with abortive drugs, the least invasive method. The first thing you need to do is to get an ultrasound to determine the number of weeks of your pregnancy - you can do this at any public hospital with an obstetrics and gynecology, gynecology cabinet or private clinic. Depending on the number of weeks of your pregnancy, you will be told the most appropriate abortive method: abortive drugs or surgical abortion.

Other reproductive health services

  • HPV infection. Cervical cancer.

  • Breast cancer.

  • Sexually transmitted infections

Private clinics that provide free medical services, regardless of medical insurance

Regina Maria Network

  • Free consultations for the following specialties: Allergology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics - Gynecology, Oncology, ENT, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Rheumatology.

  • Imaging and laboratory services, only after a specialist consultation

  • Pediatric consultations and investigations

  • Emergency services for adults and children in the Regina Maria care rooms

MedLife Medical System

Initial pregnancy assessment for pregnant women, first aid medical assistance for people with acute symptoms, health monitoring, treatment recommendation, health assessment for patients with chronic conditions.

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